Short Films

Home Invasion (2014)


“Give up your precious stones now, or I unload this shotgun in your face!”
– Igor (Alec K)

Today’s sophisticated home security systems make it increasingly difficult for criminals to burglarize homes. Consequently, there is an epidemic of crimes being committed whilst people are still at home. The suburban Ross family is a victim of a violent and horrific home invasion.

*Official Selection: Melbourne Underground Film Festival 2014
STATUS: Available on Request

Freshwater (2012)


“Australia’s answer to Ted Bundy could be 
in any one of these houses.”
— Detective Ambrose (Rebecca Kenny-Sumiga)

Two Police Detectives investigating the disappearance of a fifteen year old girl are door knocking in the area close to her suspected abduction. When Detective Christine Ambrose comes face to face with David Jennings, her instincts sense something is wrong.

*Official Selection: Belize International Film Festival 2013
STATUS: Available on request

Aftershock (2011)


“We should call the police.”
— Joanne Phillips (Christine Peisley)

This will be no ordinary Sunday afternoon for Mark and his younger sister Joanne. Arriving home carrying a terrible secret, Mark is in shock while Joanne is getting ready to go out. She will soon forget about her afternoon out, when her brother reveals to her what has just happened out on the road.

*Award Winner: Best Drama in Palm Bay, Florida 2011
STATUS: Available on request